Lottery NZ

Client: Lottery NZ Task: Develop new features Lotto NZ is the most popular NZ website for playing lotto. The website was created about ten years ago and at some stage they migrated to SilverStripe. My job was maintaining the legacy code and add new games and features to the current website. SilverStripePHPUnitJenkinsJQuery


Client: Fonterra Task: Writing Unit tests Fonterra is one of the biggest diary companies in the world. In their farmers portal they have released a lot of features recently and I was in charge of implmenting unit tests and embedding them to their CI server. PHPPHPUnitJenkins

New Zealand Herald

Client: New Zealand Herald Task: Implement a couple of Symfony Bundles This was a big ReSTful API project and I had to make sure that my code is optimized enough to handle thousands of hourly requests for news, articles, photos and videos. SymfonyMemcacheDoctrineJQuery

Kerrick Industries

Client: Kerrick Industries Task: Implement a multi-site SilverStripe project This was a challenging project because I had to create a business logic from a legacy and complicated table structure. The whole website was created with SilverStripe framework. SilverStripeMySQLSASSJQuery

Kumu River Wine

Client: Kumu River Wine Task: Create a shopping cart module Winning  a couple of awards in wine the industry these guys are one of the best in this field. They used Silex (a PHP micro-framework) for their website and I had to create a shopping cart module to add e-commerce feature to their website PHPSilexJQueryMySQL

Heat Trans

Client: Heat Trans Task: Create a fast static PHP website Heat trans is a heat transfer system which distributes the temperature evenly among all rooms and areas of the house. This is a simple static website which loading speed and simplicity was the highest priority. PHPHTMLJQueryCSS

NZ Diabetes

Client: NZ Diabetes Task: Create a new MySource Matrix module for News & Events NZ Diabetes is a website which is built on top of MySource Matrix CMS. I was in charge of creating a new module for CRUDing news and events tables and generating reports based on received data. MySource MatrixPHPJQuery

Domains 4 Less

Client: WebDrive LTD Task: Integrate the current domain registry library into a new website The main job in this project was migrating a legacy code from a PHP 4 server to a brand new PHP 5 one. Apart from maintaining the legacy code I had to make sure all slow queries are found and fixed. MySQLPHPJQueryLinuxApache

Classic Cars Fair

Client: Classic Cars Ltd Task: Develop an auction module for classic cars This WordPress website is focused on buying and selling classic cars. I had to create an registration form for auctions and integrate the default WordPress membership system to it. WordPressPHPJavaScript


Client: Ross Howard Task: Implementing ReSTful APIs BuzzDial is a new social network for sharing opinion on live TV shows. For the sake of performance and availability we had to setup the project on top of AWS infrastructure. PHPMySQLAWSnode.jsSASS