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I know how to:

Apply TDD and BDD in my Web projects
Use Symfony and MVC Design Pattern
Setup CI Server Using Jenkins & AWS
Write Technical Contents
Train Your Staff
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fulfill your development requirements. Lets talk about your project and find out how can I help you.

Support is

part of the deal. I will continue maintaining your project on demand. That’s how I get my testimonials.


I’m an experienced PHP developer and during past 13 years had a chance to work with various web projects, dealing with different challenges and learn valuable lessons from each of them.

I understand as a client you are seeking ways to utilize your resources (mainly time and money) the best that you can. I’m here to make sure, you will get a good return on your investment. That being said, I’ll not only provide good quality code with optimized performance, but also keep an eye on code maintainability and the maintenance costs. I believe it is as important as production costs if it is not even more.

Here is a list of frameworks, tools and packages that I’m comfortable using them:

  • Frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, Silex, SilverStripe, MySource Matrix
  • Template Engine: Twig, Smarty
  • Code Repositories: Github, Bitbucket, Beanstalk
  • Databases: MySQL, MangoDB
  • ORM: Doctrine
  • Version Controls: Git, SVN, HG
  • TDD & BDD: PHPUnit, Behat, Mink, Gherkin
  • Responsive Design: SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
  • CI Server Setup: Jenkins + AWS
  • IDEs: PHPStorm, vim
  • Caching: Memcache, Redis

The fact about development projects is:

There are dozens of solutions for each problem.

I don’t claim to be an experienced Business Analysts or Solution Architects. But I’ve witnessed how they shine in providing a brilliant solution or how they failed and caused a company loose a lot of resources because of a bad decision.

From a developer point of view, I’m confident that I can share good ideas for an optimized solution. I’ve passed two AWS exams recently and got the certificates:

  • AWS Business Professional
  • AWS Technical Professional

Which puts me in a more reliable position as a consultant. Being a member of APN (Amazon Partners Network) I have access to some resources which you can benefit from when it comes to find an optimum solution for your business.

Do you have an employee who has a good work ethics and very nice personality but lacks in skills? I can help you with that.

I can provide online/onsite training sessions backed up by practical real life projects and challenges. So your employees not only learn new skills but at the same time fixing the current bugs and issues in your projects.

Having published a few books about programming, and dealing with my readers questions, I call myself an experienced coach and I can walk my trainees through the nitty gritty of development challenges.

The length and type of training, (i.e. short term, long term, weekend boot camps, online, onsite) are all subject to availability and agreement that we make.


  • Sohail is a mentor and an advocate of best practices around CI and testing. With excellent work ethics Sohail well integrated with team and made good impression.

    Jane Hwang
    Capability Lead, EAD
  • Sohail showed a lot of enthusiasm and co-operated with us very well. Sohail has good knowledge of the Symfony framework and can deliver working solutions.

  • Sohail spearheaded our delivery of information technology services for the benefit of our clients’ businesses. He headed our digital department and brought his global experience and expertise to our client projects.

    Phil Dossett
  • Sohail is a highly skilled web-developer with a good personality, good work ethic, and great integrity. He was well liked by me and the rest of his team. I would be happy to recommend him to any future employer.

    Shane Jaxson
    Product Manager
  • Sohail has a broad knowledge of web technologies and the ability to quickly find an appropriate solution for a requirement. He keeps a keen and intelligent interest in what’s new in web. Sohail was invariably punctual, courteous, customer-friendly, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

    Patrick Fitzgerald
    Managing Director
  • I found Sohail to be co-operative and diligent. Sohail works hard and responds well to feedback and editorial reviews. He was happy to work with the editorial team at Packt Publishing to produce great work.

    Patricia Weir
    Project Manager